Lawrence Pizzi Collection produces collection that are made to order.  This enables us to create the perfect fit in accordance to your geographical location and clientèle.  All products are Made in America from the finest recycled fabrics from Italy, France, Spain, and Japan and all notions/accessories are hand crafted by fair trade employees world wide.


Book Lawrence Pizzi to design a special outfit for your wedding or special occasion.

Young Designers can hire Lawrence Pizzi to help mentor and guide you throw the design industry...  And help you with production (from 1st samples to QC, sales throw and projections).


Modernity - Comfort - Technology

These garments are currently using the cutting edge technology to create "Negative Carbon Footprint" clothing.  Kool and comfortable, Lawrence Pizzi Collection is modern clothing...


Modernity - Comfort - Technology

Lawrence Pizzi Collection knows that woman want smart, comfortable clothing that are easy to wear and sexy!  Using the the cutting edge technology to create "Negative Carbon Footprint" clothing, Lawrence interjects the female curves and silhouette.

Pulling Samples - Sample Requests

Cutting Edge Modernity

Samples can be pulled for photo shoots and other events provided the person/company requesting the sample(s) has taken the proper steps.  Request a Sample Request form, fill it out and submit it for approval.  A down payment or rental fee will be charged only after the sample is available and ready to ship.  All shipping to and from us, along with any damage and soiling charges will also be charged to the renter accordingly.

Alterations to samples is not allowed and is subject to the sampling cost (3x retail cost) charge.

Next Steps...

Requesting a quote or personal consultation.