Creating garments for the modern man and his modern world.  Traditional quality with up-to-date technology and state of the art workmanship insure these garments to be like no other.



From the boardroom to the bedroom, make sure you are in your finest.  Lawrence Pizzi Collection is here to create garments that fit your life and you.

With over 30 years of experience, let Lawrence Pizzi Collection build outfits that accentuate the modern you with all that the world's technology has to offer you.


The Fibres

The THREADS do make the man/woman...  Using recycled fibres made from plastic bottles, tires, bricks/cement, iron from oil tankers, and more, they are spun into threads that are woven into luxurious fabrics that are also socially conscience.


Our Existence...

Fashion being the #1 polluting on the planet, Lawrence Pizzi Collection is on the forefront of fibre design using such land fill items as plastic water bottles, old tires, cement block, and even iron from oil tankers to create luxurious textiles that resemble wool & silk suiting blends, or silks.  The thread finishing and weaving create easy to wear fabrics made for today's world.



With technology, some of these new fabrics will be able to charge your PIE's or keep you a comfortable 21°/72° all year around.  We are also able to offer water-less dyeing and printing, guaranteeing that there are no harmful run offs from dyes.



Keeping true to the 3Rs, we practice Total Consumption from sample making to production: where we use everything in the making of the garments.


Zero Carbon Footprint

You can help!

Your purchases help support and drive this fashion model into the future (and main stream).  Please donate / purchase today.